A’PIEU Start Up Pore Primer

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A’PIEU Start Up Pore PrimerStart Up Pore Primer

A’PIEU Start-up Pore Primer creates smooth skin base just like giving blur effect with beauty shot.



  • With Silky Softness Effect to form thin coating layer, create clean and smooth skin surface. Pore disappearance, smooth skin preparation completed.
  • Mastic tree ingredient, helps with pore care. With Pore Away System to care for wide and messy pores, keep skin soft without dryness. Thoroughly and moistly for oily skin.
  • Contains the herbal oil ingredients of tea tree oil, lemongrass oil to calmly soothe stress skin. Mildly and calmly for sensitive skin.
  • 7 types of tea extracts – Lemon balm leaf, jasmine tea and etc. Care messy skin.



At the first step of make up, take small amount and gently spread to apply along skin texture.



30 ml


A’PIEU Start Up Pore Primer 2A’PIEU Start Up Pore Primer 3


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