GERDA SPILLMANN Prestige Cell Cream 50 ml

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PRESTIGE CELL CREAM 50 mlPrestige Cell Cream 50 ml

This 24-hour day and night cream was developed specially to regenerate dry, sensitive skin. The active concentrate supports cell regeneration in the epidermis and provides the skin with nutrition, moisture and greater resistance.


An advanced 24 hours moisture complex, Prestige Cell

  • balances the skin’s pH
  • improves the texture of damaged skin
  • delivering optimum hydration using deep penetrating emollients.
  • anti-oxidants derived from Swiss Edelweiss, natural proteins, and Pink Rock Rose work to protect against free radicals and damage.
  • Tamarind Seed Extract delivers unparalleled hydration—the key ingredient in defense against wrinkles, shallow fine lines simply disappear.


The unique combination of jiaogulan, rockrose, tamarind and edelweiss stimulates a long-lasting improvement and regeneration in the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, 24 hours a day. The visible results are younger-looking skin and a fresher appearance.


Skin type : for demanding, sensitive skin and combination skin. For day and night.


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