MCC Accent Mega 8 Fake Lashes Cara

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액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라Higher long-lash with Hydroxy-cellulose as if eyelashes are attached

Elastic texture of Hydroxy-cellulose helps fit without agglomerate and last long with longer eyelashes!


Soft application with Bess wax, Carnauba Wax

Reducing hard wax content, soft wax ingredients of Bees wax & Carnauba wax give soft feeling of use.


Waterproof & easy cleansing formula

Easy cleansing with warm water & waterproof function with film coating formula.


Healthily care

Collagen & moist Glycerin ingredients keep healthy eyelashes.



#1 Roll-up Lash

#2 Volume Lash


액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 2(← lengthening texture)

NO fiber~ elastic lengthening Mascara!

Hydroxyethylcellulose of elastic gel ingredient helps lengthening along the  eyelashes and expressing natural long lashes unlike fiber mascara with long lash limitation.





액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 3

(Left : Hard wax, Right : soft wax without agglomerate)

ZERO agglomerate with soft wax!

Soft wax ingredients of Beeswax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax unlike hard wax softly cover eye lashes and complete neat long lashes.


액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 4(← with film coating formula)

Power waterproof & Easy cleansing formula

Strong waterproof and Easy cleansing just with warm water!




Before & After (1 : Before, 2 : 1st application, 3 : 2nd application)

Long lashes effect by touch!

액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 5


Cleansing test with warm water

  1. Take content on back hand and dry!
  2. When spraying cold water~ ok ( waterproof )
  3. Remove half with cotton swab keeping warm water!
  4. Complete removal just with warm water as circle area shows.

액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 6


How to use

Make shape of eyelashes by using eyelash curler. (caution: if turning like ‘L’, short eyelashes can be seen more short!)

Adjust amount of content with rubbing at around mouth of container.

Follow instruction for each type.


#1 Roll-up Lash

액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 7



  1. Slightly lift eyelid with one hand and apply evenly to eyelashes.
  2. Express curling with spinning and rolling up brush.

* pause a short while on the tip of eyelashes and take brush off for better chubby curling.

액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 8








#2 Volume Lash

액센트 메가8 페이크 래쉬 카라 9




  1. Slightly lift eyelid with one hand and apply evenly to eyelashes.
  2. Brush the tip of eyelashes & under lashes with front slim part to lengthen even hidden eyelashes.
  3. Reapply with thick part keeping rich content to pupil area of eyelashes for rich volume effect.

* pupil accent as if wearing lenses! bigger eyes effect!


8 g


As if eyelashes are attached, infinite long-lash mascara getting longer by more application.

Additional information


#1 (Roll-up Lash), #2 (Volume Lash)


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