MCC Accent Mega 8 Pen Eyeliner

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액센트 메가8 펜 아이라이너Vividness~! Clear eye line with carbon black color like circle lenses

Vivid circle effect expresses seamless & clear eye line as if circle lenses are worn~!


One day tatoo~! Ultra multi-proof lasting for 24 hrs

Multi-proof polymer forms coating layer and prevent from being spread caused by sweat, water or external pollutants!


Japanese cosmetic technology application!

Ink Tank method of Japanese latest technology expresses vivid & seamless line from the first to the end~!


How to use

Apply along the eyelash line from the front to the tip of eyes.


액센트 메가8 펜 아이라이너 2




2 type

#1 Brush type

액센트 메가8 펜 아이라이너 3








#2 Pen type

액센트 메가8 펜 아이라이너 4









0.6 g

Additional information


#1(Brush type), #2(Pen type)


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