MCC Greentea Lip & Eye Remover

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그린티 립_아이 리무버Natural wellbeing remover with no irritation

20% of organic green tea water certified by ECOCERT minimizes eyes irritation and protects around eyes & lips.


Easy cleansing even for heavy make-up or waterproof product

Hyper make-off system gives clear cleansing at once without repeated rubbing or wiping.


Moist & soft usage for weak eyes or lips

Specialized remover to cleanse around eyes & mouth where is easily to be pigmented or aged.


How to use

Fully sway before use and mix well two-layers of content. Fully wet with cotton and put it on applying part a while and wipe lightly.


100 ml


Organic Green Tea Water

– ECOCERT organic green tea water (30.0%)

Skin trouble restraint & soothing by antivirus activity

* Main ingredients of green tea extract

– a line of Polyphenol  (Epigallocatechin gallate, Epigallocatechin, Catechin )

– rich in Vit. A, B2(skin soothing), Vit. C(antioxidant, whitening), Vit. E(moisturizing)

– various Minerals


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