MCC Greentea Mascara

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그린티 마스카라Doll-like eye line expression with rich volume

Porous volume powder expresses eyelashes with rich volume without agglomerate and gives perfect setting as if eyelash curler is used.


Solution for sensitive eyes, protection system for irritation

20% of ECO certified organic green tea water minimizes eyes irritation and natural origin wax protects eyes & mucous with superior fitting and so expresses natural eyelashes.





Washable cleansing mascara

No remover type which doesn’t need point remover and cleanses mascara residues clearly only with warm water & rubbing.


How to use

Apply like brushing down from the root of eyelashes and apply like slightly brushing up from the bottom of eyelashes.



#1 Eco Volume

그린티 마스카라 2








Perfect volume effect + Curling

Perfect volume curling effect up to the tip of eyelashes with “intense volume brush” of coating-curling-setting.

그린티 마스카라 3 그린티 마스카라 4









8.5 ml


Organic Green Tea Water

그린티 마스카라 5

-ECOCERT organic green tea water (30.0%)

Skin trouble restraint & soothing by antivirus activity

* Main ingredients of green tea extract

-a line of Polyphenol  (Epigallocatechin gallate, Epigallocatechin, Catechin )

-rich in Vit. A, B2(skin soothing), Vit. C(antioxidant, whitening), Vit. E(moisturizing)

-various Minerals

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#1(Eco Volume)


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