MCC Perfect Brightening cleansing Balm

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퍼펙트 브라이트닝 클렌징 밤 100mlSherbet type cleansing with freshness~!

Soft cleansing ingredient & papaya extract cleanse clearly heavy make-up with fresh feeling of use as sherbet type.


Gorgeous brightening essence effect~!

Prune & cherry blossom extracts manage dull skin tone to be gorgeous.

퍼펙트 브라이트닝 클렌징 오일 3

(← giving bright skin with brightening ingredients.)



Moist finish without dry feeling~!

Acerola & Herb extracts manage skin to be moist & neat after cleansing.


Strong point of sherbet type?!

Points better than normal cleansing cream~!!

  • No dripping with easy cleansing.
  • No sticky with freshness.
  • Soft rolling feeling.
  • Finish with warm water without double-cleansing by strong cleansing effect of oil.

퍼펙트 브라이트닝 클렌징 밤 100ml 2














100 ml


“Balm type deep cleansing with soft melting that clearly cleanses residues of heavy make-up and waste inside skin~!”


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