MCC Purity Aura Baking Pact

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퓨리티 베이킹 선팩트 (1)UV cut functional [SPF 50+ / PA+++]

UV protection function with SPF50+ / PA+++ protects skin from UV rays and manages dull & dark skin to be transparent & healthy skin tone.


Porcelain-like skin with Terra-cotta method

Micro particle powders baked by Terra-cotta tightly fit and naturally cover for smooth skin expression.


Lighter feeling of use

Fine air-layers give lighter usage unlike normal pacts.



Superior long lasting!

Sebum control powders absorb sweat or sebum and keep soft make-up.



#21 Light Beige

아쿠아 워터리 파운데이션_21호_2








#23 Natural Beige

아쿠아 워터리 파운데이션_23호_2









10 g


Smooth & transparent porcelain-like skin~

Light & glossy baked pact~!

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#21(Light Beige), #23(Natural Beige)


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