MCC Studio Light On Tint Lipstick

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스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 111-EFFECT: lively lipstick! Vivid color expression just by one touch

Able to express trendy lip point make-up with rich coloring.


2-EFFECT: natural tint! Just by slight gradation to lips

Able to express lively & natural color like tint with gradation to the center of lips.


3-EFFECT: lip & cheek! Cream blusher with tint lipstick

Able to use as blusher with quick blending with fingers after slight application on cheek.



Matt outside moist inside! New concept creamy-matt long lasting texture

Long lasting lipstick with smooth application upon touch on lips and superior fitting.


Colors (Left :Full coloring lipstick, Right : Gradation effect)

#101 (It Pink)

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 #101 3





Trendy hot pink color brightening skin tone.


#102 (Pink Holic)

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 #102 3





Strawberry milk-like pink with peach tone.


#103 (Kissing Rose)

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 #103 3





Rose pink with lovely pink.


#201 (Chic Brown)

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 #201 3





Chic red brown adding brown tone to pure red color.


#501 (Passion Red)

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 #501 3





Scarlet red twinkling like the passionate sun in South America.


#601 (Orange Pop)

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 #601 3





Pure orange color like biting fresh orange.


How to use

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 4

Lip Base

Apply foundation or concealer and remove demarcation line of lips for better coloring or tint gradation.

Gradation like tint or lipstick expression with fully coloring.



No Skill! Easy Tint Gradation

If you want natural tint gradation?

  1. Slightly apply only on inside lips.
  2. Pucker lips for easier gradation.

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 5









-Full Coloring Lipstick

If you want a vivid lipstick expression?

Apply minutely from the inside lips to the outside for charming lips!

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 6










-Lovely Blusher

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 7









  1. Slightly scratch tint lipstick.
  2. If apply mixture of foundation & BB cream.


Long lasting cream blusher effect.

* Ratio – Tint lipstick   1   :   Base   2


* Or, lightly dot 3 times in triangular shape to cheek bone area where is sticking out when smiling and rub for color to be spread.



스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 8

ECOCERT ingredient

Rose Hip Oil

-Rich in Vitamin(A,C,D,E) & various minerals. Skin antioxidant effect.

-Natural skin protective layer formation, skin protection & evaporating prevention.


스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 9

ECOCERT ingredient

Corn Flower Water

-Gloss addition with skin gloss, moisturizing activities.

-Skin soothing effect, antivirus activity, skin care effect for sensitive skin.


스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 10

ECOCERT ingredient

Evening Primrose Oil

-Rich in Gamma Linolenic acid and superior moisturizing effect.

-Effective in severely dry skin.




Long lasting moistness by No Talc formula.

Formula without adding Talc is effective in keeping lips with rich moistness although time goes by.

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 11








No dry!



This formula includes that of tint.

If want clear cleansing, advised to remove with cotton using MCC Green Tea Lip & Eye Remover.







스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 14

스튜디오 라이트 온 틴트 립스틱 15











3.5 g


3-EFFECTS & long lasting tint lipstick brightening face with vivid color.

Additional information


#101(It Pink), #102(Pink Holic), #103(Kissing Rose), #201(Chic Brown), #501(Passion Red), #601(Orange Pop)


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